Sign making and pasting

Signs identity card equipment. Available data such as device name, manufacturer, date of manufacture, and other key indicators from the plate. Thus, signs indispensable.
To sign production to a professional production factory, signs are made of metal and polymer classes. There are metal copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel for chemical laboratory atmosphere, light and resistant to corrosion. Polymer-based species, more color. Manufacturers have produced sample a wide selection. There are signs signs equipment, functional description of signs, there are other signs the process. Signs relatively large size device, generally (100 ~ 150) (100 ~ 250) mm ranged mm ×. Specific size experimental equipment by attaching position and the size of the area, indicating signs due to the location and other reasons is relatively small, generally you can see the text on the card within 2m appropriate. Such as 50mm × 15mm, a rectangular common signs style, bordered different forms on the surface of the border, in the middle with a different color and font size of the text. General equipment signs, name of the device size larger, indicating that smaller signs. To consider when custom color signs, text color and equipment coordination, can not produce flowers and see the effect of the chaos. Paste the location of the device signs, must be based on a coordinating, highlighting, correct principles, equipment layout, play a finishing touch. Small signs pasted neatly, specifications, up and down, left and right, and signs itself to neat, empty the same size.
Paste adhesives used to determine the material can be based on signs, pay attention to the physical signs of the matrix and chemical properties, so signs firm principle.