Screen printing Sandblasting paint embedded aluminum plate

Screen Printing sandblasting paint signs embedded technology, it is a traditional plate production process. These products look silvery white, high surface hardness, good wear resistance. The process is as follows:
Screen printing plate production / materials under prepress corrosion → → → Screen Printing punching back anticorrosive layer → → System → bright band blasting chemical polishing → anodizing → closed → → → red inlay lacquer finished carrier →
1. Pretreatment
① printing materials. Aluminum is generally used L1Y, 12Y2 other semi-rigid aluminum industry.
② Pretreatment of the aluminum plate. Including mechanical polishing (or rub grain machine rub, and then brushing machines brush system) and lye to the oil. Degreaser formula refer to this Chapter (pre-treatment of metal screen printing) the relevant presentation.
After the aluminum plate to the oil, wash clean in running water, put in the water storage tank to be coated photoresist i sometimes make the photoresist well adsorbed on aluminum, the need to go after the oil with a brush dipped in water with calcium carbonate flour (also known as Flying powder, old powder), by hand or machine wash aluminum, then wash stand. After pretreatment of the aluminum plate to dry bay to be printed.
Signage plate refers to ultraviolet light through a photochemical film graphics in the aluminum surface of the photosensitive coating film of photochemical reaction, developed after the solid membrane treatment, the formation of the resist film pattern.
Sensitive adhesive generally consists of glue, gelatin, shellac, protein, polyvinyl alcohol film-forming agent, and water as a solvent or alcohol after cooking, deployment, and then add the appropriate amount of ammonium dichromate photosensitizer, if necessary, appropriate to add some ammonia, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, dimethyl sulfoxide and the like additives combination.