Aluminum plate production process

We see aluminum plate ordinary life figure in a lot of furniture and luggage above will, it is common in our daily lives for furniture, luggage, indicating an alloy product road signs because aluminum has excellent performance, light weight, resource-rich, etc. are widely used, aluminum plate production process what is it, this is a question a lot of people there, following Shenzhen T & H technical staff to introduce the aluminum plate production process:
Aluminum Signs
Aluminum plate production process:
1. plus molding machine.
Aluminum go through punching, after cutting, embossing and die-casting process stages receiver molding painting to installation dimensions unified scale and can be mass-produced, the instrument panel painting process more stringent pleading for size, you need to have experience of pliers, milling , CNC drilling machine can be conditional.
2. degreasing.
Aluminum plate in order to make the aluminum surface of the printed coatings have a certain affinity for oil removal should the plate on behalf of, the general package of oil can be wiped with a soft sawdust removed, and then an inorganic solvent degreasing; machining of oil are available inorganic chemical degreasing solvent or alkaline solution.
3. polishing.
Aluminum plate production sheet surface scratches, scraping a layer of putty should make it smooth, and screening is dull polishing, chemical polishing, or electrochemical polishing according to customer requirements, specifically called on other relevant information.
4. Spray.
Since aluminum and paint, printing ink binding is poor, before spraying a layer of acrylic spray paint needs about 0.01mm thick epoxy zinc yellow primer, based on customer requirements, echoing the color of amino paint spray or acrylic Paints.
5. A screen printing.
All aluminum sign panel request are: Graphic position accurately understand, the same word line edge, solid ink, while demanding a brush brush, paint can be used H-soluble acrylic paint or amino paint.
Aluminum plate production process to be here today to share, aluminum signs can not only enhance the role of brand products can also be made badges have identified the role of a guide, the role of its aluminum also makes aluminum plate having a night reflective and luminous prompts , it has brought great convenience to our lives. Aluminum plate because the plate is heavy, easy to bump each other, can be sandwiched in the article without graphic old paper to protect its inside.