About metal stickers, electroformed nickel metal signs, metal nameplates

About metal stickers, electroformed nickel metal signs, metal nameplates
Ultra-thin metal electroforming signage is a new type of metal embossed paste electroforming sign, also known as metal patch, metal split self-adhesive sign, electroformed patch, electroformed trademark, electric logo, three-dimensional embossed label, platinum sign, Gold signs, metal moving letters, metal graphics and so on. The technology originated in Japan, South Korea, and has just been introduced to China in recent years. This product is a new brand in the sign industry in recent years, because the product is exquisite and gorgeous, visually strong, stick to the nail, high-grade and substrate (can be freely Paste wood, acrylic, plastic, gift boxes, books, paper, crystal, metal, mobile phones, electrical metal paint, household appliances, glass, automobiles, motorcycles, glasses, telescopes, machinery and equipment, instruments, etc. Material) is effective in making your products more efficient.
         Material: 0.01mm-0.08mm thick, pliers, silver, gold and other precious metals
         Features: exquisite and beautiful, noble and eye-catching, unique craftsmanship, high technical content, precious substrate, ultra-thin product; self-adhesive function, simple and convenient sticking, font, pattern design, short production cycle, color gold ,silver. It is the latest product in the signage and trademark industry.
         The metal split self-adhesive sign has no carrier, no need to be connected, the theme is outstanding, the effect is eye-catching, the glue is strong, the stick is fast, and the use is convenient. As a result, the product quickly became popular as soon as it appeared. It is now popular in Japan, Korea and Japan, and has been widely used in southern China. After several months of research and development, our company has built a production line with tens of thousands of signs per day, introducing Korean crafts and selecting high-quality foreign materials. Metal split self-adhesive electroforming signs are suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for metal, paint, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, watches, instruments, glasses, mobile phones, telephones, furniture, security doors, wood, glass, paper. Such as the chrome and decoration of various small and medium-sized light industrial products. It is combined with refraction, three-dimensional, crystal glue and other processes to achieve better results. The company specializes in the production of supporting signs and three-dimensional signs for the automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, electronics, mobile phones, telephones, furniture, security doors, glass, decoration and other industries. It is a new popular product label in China, it is noble and durable. Bright color, strong three-dimensional effect, eye-catching decoration, strong adhesiveness, overall smoothness, excellent weather resistance, and a stick-on, using imported strong adhesive, soft, especially strong adhesion to the solitary surface, permanent and so on. It is designed for high degree of freedom of design, can be divided into fonts, and can be peeled off from the release paper. It can completely eliminate the cumbersome operation procedures such as rivets, spot welding, drilling, and screws. It can help your product. Aesthetics and improved product quality have a certain effect on opening the market for your products and increasing brand awareness.
        Application range:
         1, high-grade cigarette packets, wine boxes, albums, greeting cards, etc.
         2, musical instruments, piano, cosmetic boxes / bottles, thermos cups, hoses, high-end daily necessities, etc.
         3, DVD, VCD, integrated audio, mobile phones, telephones, computers, color TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, high-end appliances, small appliances, etc.
         4, cosmetic bottles / boxes / covers, wine bottles / boxes / covers, tea cups / tea sets, metal nameplates / signs, arts and crafts, etc.
         5, shoes, book covers, artificial leather, leather bags, leather goods, etc.
         6, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, machinery and equipment, such as signs, signs, nameplates, decorative pieces; security doors
         7, speaker net cover, watch dial decoration, glasses telescope trademark, instrumentation, etc.
         8, lighter, belt buckle, daily necessities "cup, etc."
         9, gift boxes, packaging boxes, stationery, photo albums, recipes, folding fans, invitations;
         10. High-grade signs and medals.