Metal sign making method

Metal sign production: refers to the use of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal sheet processed using different manufacturing processes with instructions for use, trademark identification, switch instructions, equipment, nameplates, decorative arts and crafts advertising with a body surface Signboard of nature. metal name plate maker
Signage production
The common metal signs include plain printing signs, screen printing signs, corrosion signs, electroplating, electroforming signs, heat transfer signs, and sandblasting signs.
(1). Flat-printing sign: Using the method of sensitization, the different colors are dissolved into the film, so that it is displayed on the metal plate by the method of development, so as to achieve the purpose of description.
(2) Silk-screened signage: Resin-based inks are used for screen printing on the pre-treated surface of the board, and then a variety of exquisite color silk screen signs can be made by performing processes such as gloss retention and laminating.
(3), corrosion signs: corrosion signs that etching signs. The use of masks and post-etching three-step processes for the production of embossed signs or concave signages has mainly been investigated.
(4) Electroplating and electroformed signage: It is what people call a gold sign, which is made by screen printing or light-sensitive printing.
(5) Heat transfer label: It is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of the metal sheet, and then the color image you designed is printed on the transfer paper by means of ink jet printing and reversed by heating. Metal plate, made of signage.
(6). Blasting signage: Using computerized lettering method, the instant sticking will be stuck on the metal plate, the text graphics will be sandblasted to form a sand surface effect, and then the oxidation treatment will be carried out, so as to make the metal plate Showing gold effect.