Classification signs comprehensive analysis

Classification signs comprehensive analysis
Metal plate metal plate mainly copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, pewter and other raw materials for the foundation, through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, paint and other craft, made into nameplates, badges, badge, medals , key chain, cap badge, hat clip, money clip, medals, coins, craft signs, cufflinks, photo frames, mobile phone strap, tie clips, belt, tag, bottle opener and all kinds of jewelry and other metal signs, metal nameplate and several different types of kinds of metal plate products.
Morphological classification
1, horizontal signs: the proportion of the entire length of the horizontal comparison. Usually the entire surface are being used as advertising signs. Usually in the wall of small shops and large buildings can be seen.
2, vertical signs: the proportion of the entire vertical long. Usually the entire surface are being used as advertising signs.
3, plate-shaped projection: projecting on the wall of the building, in addition to the entire surface at the back or both sides of the outside walls on both sides of the case are being used as an advertising vehicle signs.
4, to the cylindrical plate: mark certain fixed transverse structure on the ground, vertical-shaped, three-dimensional shape signs
5, the roof plate: refers to set some fixed structure on the roof of a building and hung above or close to the plate-shaped cubic or live magic of signs.
Material classification
1, smooth signs: screen or board oily, very smooth plate.
2, luminous material signs: cards with luminous material (that is, we usually say the neon lights).
3, acrylic quality signs (acrylic): acrylic material signs do main board material.
4, the metal plate: In the absence of special circumstances specified board, metal plate as the main board or text material signs.
5, the electro-optical panel: light-emitting diode or luminous tube monochrome or color to achieve the effect of the performance of signs. In the light emitting diode and manifestations can be divided into luminous electro-optic board, LCD, LED, CRT, FDT other five species.
Use mesh classification
1, at different times:
A, illuminated sign: for day and night use in-house installation of signs or luminous tube installed internally or sign in to vote spectrometer externally mounted signage lighting and so on.
B, non-illuminated sign: no day and night, although a separate sub-purpose use, without any signs lighting facilities.
2, in different locations:
A, indoor signs: signs provided in the room, such as the direction of the arrow signs, indoor signs and so on reception.
B, outdoor signs: signs provided in all non-indoor space.
3, for different purposes:
A, commercial signs: Usually refers to the signs in order to achieve commercial purposes established.
B, Public Signage: located in public places, in order to announce news to the public or to publish certain information signs.
4, for different purposes:
A, Medal: Honor signs collectively. Such as "advanced collective licensing authority" and so on.
B, navigation Cards: signs used to identify directions, precautions, remind the class, such as the "roadmap" and so on.
C, mechanical nameplate: or description used to identify the mechanical properties of the product label.
5, energy saving difference
A, a fluorescent label, also known as self-luminous signs STORING signs, have absorbed light, store light, night released 10-12 hours of light.
B, then electric signs, light body, can only maintain the battery power or brightness, the brightness of the light source is extremely poor and not saving, easy to damage.