What is the metal flat sun signs

What is the metal flat sun signs
Metal flat plate mainly the use of sun drying photosensitive licensing approach, there will be a different color film dissolved, it was obvious by developing a method to the metal plate, so as to achieve a metal plate having a descriptive sense of purpose.
Here are some frequently come into contact with the flat metal plate drying process and the specific formulation (flat sun signs, the process):
Flat aluminum plate sun: is the use of photographic plate method, the different pigments into the film inside to the text, graphics presented in a metal plate, so as to explain the significance of having a metal plate.
1) material: wool size requirements are generally larger than the plate size (5mm or more), the board smooth, without potholes.
2) Pre-treatment: ① several ways polishing process ④ ③ ② drawing oxidation.
3) Water closed: the board will handle good, go after oil, in addition to the film after rapid immersion in water and can not be exposed to the air.
4) glue: glue configuration. Plastic: 200-230 grams of water: 1000ml, added photosensitizer (weight ammonium caseinate) boiling water and cook for 2 hours to fully dissolve the glue, the temperature dropped to 30-50 ℃ 25-30 grams after the glue evenly coated in metal plate, drying stand.
5) copy: copy available SB750 vacuum type machine photographic copy, lamp 60-90cm time after 40-80 seconds to take, in warm water 1 minutes into the color developing solution for staining.
6) Paul Light: after full dyeing brand, dry it with a brush or spray painted with gloss paint (paint with your eyes generally licensed or free baking gloss varnish).
7) cut into.
Flat sun signs are generally used for interior goods, small appliances and non-affected by bad weather equipment. The advantage is plate-making process is simple, fast, timely delivery, low cost and defect rate. The disadvantage is that by the sun and rain, easy to fade. You can not do outdoor signs.