Gauge plate

According to user parameters to be drawn arc gauge plate, the first input to the window to draw an arc, arc is generated, the arc parameters into graphics database, according to signs in scale sharing or not, enter the corresponding draw window. If the scale is divided equally into "Drawing scale sharing" window, select the direction of the scale, the input rotation parameters scale, the average number of cells, all of the scale will be added to AutoCAD window. In AutoCAD, if the width of the line reaches a certain value, there will be round at both ends of the segment is the case, so it is showing typesetting unqualified, including all draw average scale back not scale are converted into average polyline. If the scale is not divided equally, because the company received signs drawn scale parameter table has two kinds of cases, according to the angle of rotation directly as a parameter of the scale, and according to a fixed scale sharing arc offset multiples as parameters, the user can enter the corresponding interface separately operated. The difference between average scale that does not require the user to turn the scale sharing different angle or offset value added to the bottom of the list box, you can add a one-time, and can be divided into operations, plus a good post-added to the AutoCAD window; in order to facilitate the user's operation to accelerate the rendering speed, not an increase in average scale can also scale the input parameter values, the scale and the scale values ​​together drawn.