Application nameplate on product packaging

Metal plate production process there is a necessary step, and that is color. Color might want to use a tool that is metal colored machine, metal plate may also be referred electrophoresis machines, electronic color machines, electronic coloring machines.
  This device is the sign industry in recent years, it emerged from the working principle to supplies and coloring methods are new signs color equipment, signage color technology is the most significant of a revolution, with its excellent quality, excellent performance and make people amazing speed, appeared to praise signage industry and user attention.
  Worked metal plate is generally known in the industry, generally are required to have a metal plate uneven effect, this aspect is to make the sign of a certain three-dimensional and layered, but the main thing is to avoid making frequent wiping fuzzy graphic content even fade.
  There are three main signs of etching part are: the formation of graphic, graphic etching, graphic color. The signs coloring methods are mainly hand-filled paint (commonly known as the dot paint, painting), painting, color electrophoresis. The above-mentioned electrophoresis machine is used for electrophoresis color.