Signage materials selection and use precautions

Visually oriented logo design is a pure chemical and physical process, the designer must be physical and chemical properties of decorative materials have sufficient understanding of, and ability to control strong. We must explore the internal laws of the material, known as "the material strength, hardness, elongation, shrinkage, moisture, rust, corrosion, decay properties, cleaning, self-cleaning, oxidation, aging, weathering and other features" to learn and to create a variety of decorative materials and processing technology to adapt, such as carving, lacquer, wood craft, craft tying, casting molding process, welding process, a damascene process, bonding process and so on, scientific production process, in order to design concepts which materialized in the material.
Visual identification guide in the selection and application aspects of decorative materials, pay attention to the following points.
1. Safety
The guide identifies the relationship between public safety and stability of the people in public service facilities, their material security requirements are manifold. For example, from the ground to consider the installation of identification bearing capacity of the material and the weight of the building; some special occasions to consider the factors of the audience, such as children's playground, kindergarten should try to avoid using brittle, sharp projection material, mild wood, plastic is more appropriate; Another example is the swimming complex slippery floor can lead to a fall, in order to avoid inadvertently wounding oriented logo should try to use soft, flat and there is a certain friction materials, such as wood.
2, with the coordination
Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, such as different degrees of thermal expansion and contraction, durability and service life, when you select two or more materials with the use of the same logo, it should carefully consider the combination of internal coordination between the materials issues. Some identify different degrees of thermal expansion and contraction because of a combination of materials to each other off, because some local identity material "short-lived" caused by defects, etc. Overall, visible choose scientific and reasonable mix of material directly related to the identification of durable guide durability and safety of the firm. Also, consider the way linking and co-ordination problems with installation of steel construction between materials.
3, environmental suitability
Oriented identification requirements constitute a material difference with the environment of space and not the same. Such as open tourism environment, identification shall take full account of the weather resistance, the flow of people and other factors, the choice of durable materials, so visitors to the irrational use and easily damage; relatively rational office environment, you can identify well-chosen texture materials can also purchase light, sound and other media phase. Meanwhile, the geographical environment can not be ignored, different geographical, climatic phase difference far as southern China, humid and rainy, and the selection process should take full account of the identified anti-moisture and high temperature and other weather factors.