In species signage nameplate panel

In the kind of signs nameplate panel, what does?
Category nameplate panel there are many, such as high-light signs, metal screen printing plate, corrosion nameplates, usually from the plate making process up distinction. Specifically, the common name plate panel to distinguish from the process are about 20 species:
1, staining and film inking plate; 2, the etching of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium plate; 3, screen printing and electroplating, electroforming bound gold heap; 4, aluminum oxide coloring and combination of signs; 5, offset metal panels; 6, screen printing metal plate and a resin plate panels; 7, stamping signs; 8, printing plate; 9, high light cutting Braille signage; 10, Disu (Shuijingjiao) signs; 11, plastic plating signs; 12, two-color injection signs; 13, computer lettering stickers posted signs; 14, computer carving signs; 15, inkjet sublimation transfer panel and medals; 16, screen printing fluorescence, luminous, reflective signs; 17, EL luminescent signs; 18, IMD screen printing, embossing, injection molding, mobile phone panel; 19, offset printing, resin version printing, screen printing self-adhesive labels; 20, offset printing, screen printing magnetic cards, VIP cards and so on.
 In practical application, this is the most common signs of high light (also known as high-gloss aluminum plates), silk screen and other signs. In the article, badge making, we also mentioned in detail a variety of badges production process, in fact, from the nameplate and the badge technology, the basic are similar, such as badges will be used in the enamel, paint, printing, screen printing and etching etc., it can be used as nameplate production.