Nickel-plated features and performance

Nickel-plated badge making is one of the common plating process, generally silver badge is used more nickel, and less use silver. Because the effect is very close to the nickel-plated silver effect, so the industry is generally also called nickel silver. Nickel and silver badge badges look look very similar, are shiny silver color. But relatively stable characteristics of the nickel after plating color can be relatively stable, while the lively nature than nickel silver, easily oxidized gray, black, which is a lot of silver in the folklore will present a dusty appearance rather than silver . Badges can have a lot of nickel-plated, copper, zinc alloy, iron, etc. can be nickel plated, to prepare a variety of surface effects of metal badges.
Here's look at the characteristics and properties of nickel plating.
1, a high stability of the nickel plating layer is in the air, due to the passivation of metallic nickel has a strong ability to quickly generate a surface layer of very thin passive film, resistant to the atmosphere, corrosion of certain acids and bases .
2, the nickel plating is extremely small crystals, and has excellent polishing performance. Polished nickel plating available mirror-like gloss appearance, while in the air long-term to maintain its luster.
3, nickel plating of relatively high hardness, can improve the wear resistance of the surface of the article, in the printing industry commonly used in plating medium layer to increase the surface hardness of the lead. Since nickel has a high chemical stability, and some chemical equipment are also used town thicker coating to prevent corrosion by the medium.
4, nickel plated very broad application, can be used as decorative protective coatings on steel, zinc die casting, aluminum alloy and copper alloy surface, the base material is protected from corrosion or from bright decorative role; often as other coatings intermediate coating thereon and then a thin layer of chrome-plated or plated with imitation gold layer resist better, look more beautiful.
5, in electroplating, since the nickel plating has many excellent properties, its processing capacity galvanized door behind second place, its consumption accounted for about 10% of the total production of nickel. In badge production, but also a variety of plating processes using the most kind.