Analysis of characteristics and signs of name

In various nameplate production, often encountered guests need different types of signs (also known as the nameplate). Type and process signs there are many, often following some signs its technological features to make a brief introduction.
The first is a screen printing plate, a metal-containing screen printing signs, plastic signs silk screen, acrylic silk screen signs. Screen printing plate having a very wide range of adaptability, used plastic panel above, such as panel speakers, chassis panel and some other mechanical panels. Low cost, wide application characteristics.
The second is the offset printing plate. In round flattened printing, graphic Cots go by the plane parts, fine graphics, commonly used in the table, such as licensing.
The third is a printing plate. Using ink absorption silicone head graphic on gravure, transferred to the workpiece, it is more suitable for varying surface irregularities, such as arc and the like.
The fourth is the transfer plate. Photo preformed on the transfer paper to facilitate the work in the field of operations. Transferring a pattern is very clear, but the corresponding terms of production costs are higher.
The fifth is an electrophoretic plate. In the DC electric field with a polarity so that liquid paint is deposited on the exposed metal surface, often used in conjunction with the etching process.
The sixth is electroforming signs. With a large current density, the metal is deposited in "female", and then deposited with the parent type peel. Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming nameplate belongs to this type, it is widely popular in recent years, a variety.
Seventh plating plate. Material may be other metal and plastic. After etching graphic, deposition of metal ions, typically chromium, nickel, gold. Signs plating surface is very bright, is very noble, and corrosion resistance.
The eighth is a high-light signs. Usually aluminum pressing projection surface to spin cut diamond knife to produce a high gloss. It is a more affordable nameplate production.
The ninth is a crystal Disu signs. This is a follow-up to the finishing process, a transparent polyurethane infusion of good signs in the workpiece surface, decorative and protective role. Intermediate Disu signs generally slightly raised, smooth and bright surface, widely used in electronics, home appliances, electrical and other machinery industry products above.
The tenth is PVC soft plastic plate. Is a polycarbonate (PC or PVC) as the base material, the heat through the mold injection molding and subsequent color or vacuum plating and other processing, and color to complete the pattern plate to protect a decorative plate. PVC soft plate having good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and thus enhance the quality of products, widely used in electrical appliances, machinery and other industries, is also a good business gifts.