Screen printing signs, panels operate pay attention to what?

Screen printing signs, panels operate pay attention to what?
1. The ink can not be blown border, over a number of graphics can, otherwise the ink will go to the border, get dirty.
2. The full-back or back to Mexico, back to Mexico or not, can not return to a part of, or otherwise be printed by the ink thickness is inconsistent, resulting color is also inconsistent.
3. Hand squeegee, scraping the front corner after a small not big, inconsistent angle, otherwise squeeze under different amounts of ink, the line thickness is different.
4. Hand squeegee speed can not unsteadiness or intermediate pause, uniform requirements, to be able to make timely screen pop-up as well.
5. The squeegee pressure can not suddenly large and small, and hard to be consistent about scraper.
6. Hand India is the basis of the printing machine, with the hand-printed spiritual experience adjust the machine to an idea.
7. The clean version of the requirements of a clean, neat, attention to summing up tips. With the ink is now cleaner, and had recovered measures to protect the environment, protect the health of workers.