FAQ in nameplate production process

Question: What should be using a diamond cutting tool in the production process nameplate attention?
A: 1 tool clamping to be positive, smooth rotation, the workpiece clamping also positive, flat, tight, so as not to damage the tool.
2. Depth of cut is smaller, about 0.1mm, to prevent damage to the cutter knife to eat too.
3. To turn backward knife, the tool is retracted down.
Question: How to get twill cutting surface and squares?
A: To select the size and position of the workpiece placed a good cutter to get the desired twill, texture and thickness of about sharp knife. To get the necessary lattice of the workpiece around the cutter each cutting again.
Question: When pressing Braille signs, inconsistent thickness, how high light cutting?
Answer: should be applied to a carbide roughing cutter cutting tool to leveling it, then the diamond cutting tool, which also protects the tool does not damage the high-gloss, hardness alloy tool balance also play a role when rotating cutter.
Question: How high light fixed on the sign making machine?
A: In order to combine solid, should be used in high-quality 500 # Nitto double-sided tape. Braille signage or squeeze out the back two legs to secure the perforation.
Question: Are high-gloss surface may Braille signage screen printing?
Answer: Yes. Such signs seen abroad, there are in Braille table transparent red ink dry and then printed, and very beautiful.
Question: What highlights cutting new uses?
A: The use of different cutting tools and machine can process a bright line on the sign panel, bright edges and light holes. Vertical machine is also useful in the work table to do special tooling, carving a variety of patterns and designs on the workpiece.
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