What is the corrosion of the metal plate

Common metal plate production mainly metal flat sun signs, metal screen printing plate, metal corrosion signs, metal plating and electroforming metal plate, metal signs and metal sandblasting thermal transfer label.
So what is the corrosion of a metal plate it?
Corrosion of the metal plate is also called etching plate. The main search using a mask, etching a three-step processing system to do a convex or concave word word metal plate metal plate.
Corrosion metal plate making process:
 1) Cutting: by drawing (layout size) size, surrounded by no less than 5mm above plus burrs. Shears with 720 foot-operated shears, the surface smooth, surrounded by non-Maori.
 2) surface treatment of metal corrosion signs:
  (1) mechanical polishing: polishing machine with a 2.2-4 kW of mechanical polishing wool, cloth round use motor speed is generally 300-350 2000-3000 turn / min.
  (2) alkali treatment: 10-15% sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution in the metal plates 65-85 ℃ cook 10-30 seconds, and then washed with water, immersed in a 5% weight-ming acid aqueous solution.
  (3) powder approach: Use a flat brush dipped in old powder (double pink) version of the child will be a uniform method of cross brush ears, in addition to the effect until the surface decontamination, skin or remove oxygen, and then with a 5% aqueous solution of potassium dichromate the closure.
  (4) brushed method: mechanical or manual drawing method, the metal plate surface were brushed, metal surface regeneration to achieve the effect.
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