Corrosion signs silk screen

Etching nameplate is a traditional nameplate, a variety used as instrument panel sandblasting fill paint signs, used as a travel license number and variety of equipment corrosion baking machine electrical nameplate signs, as an industrial environment is harsher fir [electrical products copper chrome plate, used as instruments, electronic equipment decorative porcelain surface oxygen; inlay of paint signs, as well as high light signs. Graphic signs on all these past by the liquid sensitive adhesive (fibrin glue, glue, gelatin, polyvinyl alcohol, gum, etc.) by photochemical method · appearing. Although this method has the advantages of small graphic distortion, but there are production processes more low productivity, labor-intensive and energy-intensive consumption and other defects. Screen printing method show graphics, productivity can be increased several times, saving energy and auxiliary materials. Under specific introduction for readers corrosion signs silk screen graphic.
- Corrosion signs silk screen process is roughly: printing materials preparation and the prepress surface treatment -> preparation of printed materials -> Create screen plate -) Printing -) Check repair parts -) - corrosion) cleaning and drying -) products.
① surface-treated substrates. Copper-based, iron-based material in addition to just the surface oxide layer, and rinse with water, dried can be printed, aluminum material is generally receded oil in a hot solution of sodium carbonate in dilute sulfuric acid, and to the Internet screen to dry after washing . Oil-stripping may also be used organic solvents such as gasoline \ banana water, trichlorethylene, cyclohexanone, or detergent, washing powder, special thinner. If the surface of the metal substrate serious pits, scratches, oxidation spots, mechanical polishing or wiping pattern brushing means are available for processing, and then further back oil.
② printed material. Used as signs silk screen printing material specifications are many varieties, but for corrosion signs silk screen printing graphic material generally resist using printed materials. It should have the film is good, easy to dry, over the net, good corrosion resistance, and easy removal properties. Commonly used resist printed materials the following categories:
a. paste paint printed materials. Paste paint printed material is a traditional printed materials. Paste paint is generally used one thousand oil-paste paint, adding a certain amount of phenolic varnish, alkyd varnish, lacquer and other acid-resistant asphalt preparation.
Preparation method: according to the ratio mixing, stir or crush, and then about 200 mesh screen filter.
Printed materials Stripping: copper, iron-based signage printed materials available the lye, aluminum signs using an organic solvent (such as bananas, water, xylene, etc.) stripping.
b. alkali-soluble resist printed materials. Alkali-soluble resist printed materials developed in recent years a new type of printed material, fast drying, easy to film and so on, especially suitable for mechanized production lines.